Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lee watches too many zombie movies

For whatever reason, Lee loves zombie movies.  And zombie TV shows.  I don't do well with blood, so I try not to watch them too much.  But my husband loves them.

We have conversations about the zombie apocalypse all the time. [And the robot uprising, but that's neither here nor there.]  He'll ask me all the time, "If I were a zombie would you shoot me?"  Most of the time I tell him I don't know and his response is something like this: "It's not something to think about!  You WILL shoot me!"

I told you that to tell you about this conversation we had the other night:

We were driving down the road and Lee tells me he wants to get an ax, "not that we necessarily need one, but just in case..." 

...I'm thinking at this point that he's going to say in case he needs to chop something...

"...but just in case of the zombie apocalypse.  I was thinking today that we don't have enough zombie weapons in the house.  We don't have an ax, we don't have enough bats, we don't have a gun."

...I was clearly off...

He was so serious about it!

I guess we need to get prepared for the zombie apocalypse!

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  1. lol, so funny!! I totally just laugh out loud!!

    I have this convo with my sister all the time!! I could happen! ha!