Wednesday, June 30, 2010

it's an exciting life...

Not really. Not lately anyway. I've been pretty boring for the past few days. I was supposed to have my astronomy final tomorrow, but we were ahead of schedule in the class so our teacher gave us the option to take it yesterday. I probably could have used the extra time to study, but I figured I could just suck it up and stay up studying all night Monday and then be done with it. So that's what I did. I studied all night Monday night, went and took the final at 10 yesterday morning, then went to the library and studied for my astronomy lab final, and took that at noon. I obviously wasn't as worried about the lab final as I was about the lecture. Now if I can just get through my math classes next month I'll be moving on the stuff I'm actually interested in!

In other news, I'm patiently waiting to go see Eclipse on SATURDAY! I'm going with some of my friends from work, and I haven't seen them since my last day, so I'm as excited about seeing them as I am about the movie :) I'm re-reading the book, so I'm trying to get finished with that before we go.

Also in random news, a piece of the bottom of my computer fell off today. Something tells me that's not good?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

one down, a whole bunch to go

I finished my first class of the summer semester yesterday! It was definitely my favorite of the three I'm taking right now, BUT I had to carry a keyboard clear across campus every day, so I won't miss that! I'll be done with all my classes for the first summer semester Tuesday, and I have a final Thursday, then my first (summer) semester back in school will be complete!

I knew I'd be busy this month, but this has been crazy! I spent my ENTIRE weekend studying. Well, most of the day Friday, Saturday night (we had some family stuff and I worked a little bit during the day) and ALL DAY Sunday. I'm taking an online math class right now, and I had been working so hard on my other two classes I got behind in it so I had to spend most of the weekend catching up on that. I had homework and quizzes that had to be done before my test yesterday (and let's just say I'll need to study a lot harder for the next two tests!)

Next month I'm taking two math classes (one is the online class I just mentioned) and an Intro to Education class. The Intro to Education class will only last a week though, so I think next month is going to be a little less stressful, and I should be able to better manage my online class.

Since I'll only have class for two hours for most of next month, I'm actually going to be able to go back to the gym! (Which I'll need since I won't be walking near as much to and from class.) A friend of mine said she's going to join too, so we can go together. I'm excited...I've actually missed the gym!

I guess that's all I have for an update today!

Friday, June 18, 2010

How Lee Proposed

I'm participating in Kelly's Korner's Show us Your Life's proposal stories :) So here's how Lee proposed:

Lee is a little bit younger than me, so when I graduated and got a job he was still in school. He was an MIS major and ALWAYS had projects and group meetings. Plus, he was the president of a club in that major that had meetings every Tuesday. So for his last year and half of college we hardly ever saw each other. It was tough.

One Tuesday night his meeting got cancelled so we were going to have a date. We didn't see each other much during the week so I was pretty excited. When I got home from work that day he met me at the top of the stairs at my apartment with my favorite flowers:
He had cooked dinner for me and had it waiting...I think it was chicken cordon bleu...not the kind you buy frozen in the box (not that there's anything wrong with that stuff, it's delicious...I have some in the freezer now!), but he had actually made it! I know he's made that for me before, I THINK that's what he made that night!

It was a gorgeous day (April 3, 2007) was warm outside but not hot, and the days were starting to get longer. So while we were eating I said we should go get ice cream and eat it at the park (which worked out PERFECTLY since that's what he was planning on doing).

We were heading to get ice cream (listening to a CD of sweet songs he had made me...he gave it to me later that night and it was labeled "Marry Me Mix") and he said he was really full so why didn't we just go to the park and walk around a little while. We got there and walked around a little bit and then sat on a bench in front of the river and were just talking. The sun started to set and he said "You know I love you more than anything in the world," to which I responded "Yeah I know" (haha). Then he got up and said "I brought you here to ask you a question," got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. I don't think I ever actually said yes now that I think about it! I was just crying and nodding!

And we DID got get ice cream when we left the park!

I don't have any pictures from that night, but here's the first one I have of us after we got engaged:
Easter 2007

So that's our proposal story! I think he did a good job ♥

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Know What's Awesome?

My computer is connected to the internet right now through my phone. We're at a friend's house who doesn't have wireless internet, so Lee hooked it up so I could get on and watch my online lectures through the phone. Maybe it's not a big deal to any of yall, but I think it's pretty cool! Thanks for setting it up for me, Lee :)

Now I'm off to study...since that's the reason he set it up for me in the first place!

I hope everybody's having a good week so far!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Getting to Know You!

It's Sunday, so it's time to play some Getting to Know You with Keely!

1. If you could have one of Superman's, powers which one would you want? Superhuman strength..Flight..Superhuman speed..X-Ray vision..etc

Well, considering that this month I have to walk completely across campus with a keyboard about as big as I am in about 90+ degree heat, I'd pick superhuman speed. Next month I might change my mind though!

2. The best thing I ever won is....?
Super Achiever. 7th grade. SWEET.

3. Have you ever skyped with a bloggy friend?
Nah, I don't skype

4. What is your favorite Summer month?
Do I have to pick? I really like July...maybe because of the 4th of July? Not sure. And then there's August...ah, August. ALMOST football season...

5. Pool, Lake, or Ocean?
A couple of months ago I would've said ocean...I love playing in the waves...but last time I went to the beach I saw five stingrays right there by the shore and it kinda freaked me out.
You can see two of them really well in this picture.

Plus, stupid BP is trying to ruin the Gulf of Mexico for EVERYBODY...but I probably shouldn't get started on that one again.

So now I guess I'd have to say pool. You can always see what you're swimming with in a pool :)

6. One of my favorite Summer memories is.....?
Summer in stress of classes...just working and hanging out with my friends. One summer I interned with the park and rec department and I loved every single second of it.

7. What's your favorite secret bargain?
It's not really a secret, but I love getting good deals at the grocery store and CVS with the help of Money Saving Mom, Southern Savers and I Heart Publix. Buying groceries is kind-of like a game to me now to see how much I can save. And now that I'm back in school and only working a few hours a week, saving on groceries is a really big deal!

8. Do you plan on or have you been watching the World Cup?
I haven't yet and I doubt I will...I really don't get into soccer very much (or at all)...right now I'm watching the NBA finals...go Celtics!

I hope everyone has a great Sunday! I'm planning on studying and doing homework ALL DAY. This month of school is absolutely killing me. I don't mean to wish my life away, but I am REALLY looking forward to July!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I just have to say...

that BP makes me SICK. I wouldn't usually post about something like this on my blog, but I am just really disgusted right now.

The oil spill happened. Can't turn back time and undo it. I get that. I'm even moving past the part of BP knowing there were problems on that rig. But first there was that awful commercial, and then today I read this article. So, let me get this straight. BP is out there spending money on making and airing commercials, and buying phrases on search engines to bump themselves to the top? Am I understanding this right? I was a PR major, so on one hand I understand wanting to let people know how hard you're working to make this right, but on the other hand, I'm a resident of Alabama and a frequent beach-goer who has family on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, so I'd rather SEE what you're doing to make it right than to hear what you SAY you're doing. Why don't you spend that money you spent on the commercial and buying phrases to give jobs to the fisherman and others who are out of work and can't support their families right now because of YOU? I see them on the local news every day...LOTS of them aren't getting anything from BP!

I have always used BP. I've had a BP card since I was sixteen. Not anymore :(

Monday, June 7, 2010

Memorial Day Braves Game

Last Monday (Memorial Day), Lee and I went to a Braves game with my friend Cally. I had not been in about three years, and Cally had never been to a Braves game, so we decided to go. We got tickets for really cheap, and the Beach Boys were doing a concert after the game!

It had been really rainy all weekend, and it rained some on the way to Atlanta, but it didn't rain while we were there! It was really, really humid and muggy though.

Me and Cally at the game
Me and Lee at the game (I realize that my forehead is ginormous, but it was so hot I really didn't care!)
Before the game, since it was Memorial Day, they had all the different branches of represented on the field, and they also had family members out on the field. It was really nice, and I may or may not have teared up.
The Braves won the game...I think the final score was 9-2, and the Phillies manager got thrown out! Very exciting! After the game we waited about 45 minutes for them go get the stage set up for The Beach Boys concert, then we heard them sing one song, then we left. I was just so hot and ready to get home, plus, I don't know if they have had any concerts there this year, so I don't think they had all the sound worked out just yet.

We had a really good time at the game. I don't know if the Braves have put their employees through a customer service workshop or anything, but every single person working there was really nice. So kudos to the Braves for that--it made our experience that much better :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another weekend gone

I really think somebody does something to make time go by faster on the weekends...I just don't know where this one went! We had a good weekend, just kinda busy!

Friday after my class was over I went over to Sunny's to help do her hair. We had fun hanging out, and I love seeing my sweet little nephew :) And I think her hair looks good :) After that I went home with every intention of studying (yep, on a Friday WISH you were as cool as me! haha!), but I ended up working on a birth announcement for Riley instead. I think it turned out pretty good. I'd like to start making them for people, but I need a lot more practice. I might post it on the blog if Sunny decides to send it out.

So yeah, no studying Friday night. Saturday the PLAN was to get up, study, clean up (like serious cleaning), and then we had a wedding to go to. So of all those things, only one actually got done, and that was going to the wedding. When we woke up we decided to take the dogs for a walk, and then by the time we got back from walking and got showered and all that it was almost lunchtime (yeah, we slept kinda late!). So we ate some lunch and then we went to Lowe's and Academy because we need a new weedeater and Lee wanted a grill from Academy. We bought neither. When we got home it was almost time to leave for the wedding! Then after the wedding some friends called and we went to see Get Him to the Greek. I thought it was pretty funny. THEN when we got home I finally studied some.

This morning we got up and went to church. We're trying to find a church around here to join, but it's hard because it seems like we're never here on the weekends. We want to find one with a lot of people our age because we really want to get involved in Sunday School, but we just haven't found one that feels right yet. When we got back from church we took a nap (I love Sunday afternoon naps!) and then I studied again. Well, I call it studying. I had to miss a class Friday to go to an orientation for my online class. My professor puts his lectures online so I was watching that and taking notes. I need to actually STUDY them tonight.

Tonight I made Ricotta Parmesan Chicken from The Fairhope Foodie. It was really good! If you have a Publix near you (or even if you don't), you should check out her website. She makes a weekly menu based on what's on sale at Publix that week. This is the first thing I've made from her website but I'll definitely be making more! Now we're just hanging out watching the NBA Finals...Lee's always been a big Celtics fan, so I'm a Celtics fan by marriage :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back to School, Back to School

Yesterday was my first day back to school! The month of June is going to be CRAZY busy for me! I have one class five days a week, another class four days a week, and a three-hour lab three days a week. I'm taking Astronomy and a music class. Astronomy is going to be not so much fun, but I'm liking music so far. We're learning to play the keyboard so we can play it for our students :) The only thing I don't like is that I have to carry a big keyboard all around campus with me. It's probably about as tall as I am! Luckily my awesome sister-in-law has offered to drive met to class in the mornings so I don't have to carry it around SO much!

I'm going to go study now...I have my first quiz in astronomy tomorrow...this is my first college quiz in like four years, so I'm kinda nervous!