Thursday, January 12, 2012

Last Semester

Yesterday was the first day of my LAST semester of grad school!  I swore after graduating college that I was done forever, but alas, here I am.  I really am done this time!

We had workshops yesterday and today to prepare us for our student teaching and everything we will experience this semester.  I thought it would be boring, but it really wasn't.  We had some interesting speakers and the days went by really fast.  I think this semester is going to fly by!

When we got there yesterday we found out where our placements are, and I got one pretty close to the house! I am so excited that I'll only have a 25-30 minute drive every day instead of the 45-minute one I had last semester!  I won't have to leave the house until after 7 every morning!  I'll be in a 5th grade classroom then 2nd grade for the second half of the semester.

After our workshop today we met the teachers we'll be working with this semester.  I met the teacher I'll be with the second half of the semester really briefly, so I don't really know much about her yet, but the teacher I'll be with the first half of the semester seems so nice!!  She seemed to really love her jobs and the kids in her class.  I was a little nervous about 5th grade, but she made me feel so much better!  I'm so excited!

Tomorrow's my first day out there and I can't wait to get started!

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