Monday, June 7, 2010

Memorial Day Braves Game

Last Monday (Memorial Day), Lee and I went to a Braves game with my friend Cally. I had not been in about three years, and Cally had never been to a Braves game, so we decided to go. We got tickets for really cheap, and the Beach Boys were doing a concert after the game!

It had been really rainy all weekend, and it rained some on the way to Atlanta, but it didn't rain while we were there! It was really, really humid and muggy though.

Me and Cally at the game
Me and Lee at the game (I realize that my forehead is ginormous, but it was so hot I really didn't care!)
Before the game, since it was Memorial Day, they had all the different branches of represented on the field, and they also had family members out on the field. It was really nice, and I may or may not have teared up.
The Braves won the game...I think the final score was 9-2, and the Phillies manager got thrown out! Very exciting! After the game we waited about 45 minutes for them go get the stage set up for The Beach Boys concert, then we heard them sing one song, then we left. I was just so hot and ready to get home, plus, I don't know if they have had any concerts there this year, so I don't think they had all the sound worked out just yet.

We had a really good time at the game. I don't know if the Braves have put their employees through a customer service workshop or anything, but every single person working there was really nice. So kudos to the Braves for that--it made our experience that much better :)


  1. Fun! I haven't been to a Braves game in like 5 years, I'm ready to go back!

  2. Looks like fun! And yay for good customer service; there isn't enough of it!