Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I just have to say...

that BP makes me SICK. I wouldn't usually post about something like this on my blog, but I am just really disgusted right now.

The oil spill happened. Can't turn back time and undo it. I get that. I'm even moving past the part of BP knowing there were problems on that rig. But first there was that awful commercial, and then today I read this article. So, let me get this straight. BP is out there spending money on making and airing commercials, and buying phrases on search engines to bump themselves to the top? Am I understanding this right? I was a PR major, so on one hand I understand wanting to let people know how hard you're working to make this right, but on the other hand, I'm a resident of Alabama and a frequent beach-goer who has family on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, so I'd rather SEE what you're doing to make it right than to hear what you SAY you're doing. Why don't you spend that money you spent on the commercial and buying phrases to give jobs to the fisherman and others who are out of work and can't support their families right now because of YOU? I see them on the local news every day...LOTS of them aren't getting anything from BP!

I have always used BP. I've had a BP card since I was sixteen. Not anymore :(


  1. That makes me sick too. Joey and I were just talking about how so many people are wasting money (BP, politicians) instead of actually trying to improve our economy. :(

  2. they make me sick too!!!

    My Coastie has to spend 2 weeks out there next month to help with the clean up efforts!!

    2 weeks, that he could've spent with me...his new wife...but no...he will be out there risking his health instead!!!

  3. I was thinking the SAME thing Carly! I was also a PR major so I understand wanting to do damage control, but under these circumstances their time, money and effort would be better utilized fixing the problem. This is impacting my home and my future, I am so sick over it all.