Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another weekend gone

I really think somebody does something to make time go by faster on the weekends...I just don't know where this one went! We had a good weekend, just kinda busy!

Friday after my class was over I went over to Sunny's to help do her hair. We had fun hanging out, and I love seeing my sweet little nephew :) And I think her hair looks good :) After that I went home with every intention of studying (yep, on a Friday WISH you were as cool as me! haha!), but I ended up working on a birth announcement for Riley instead. I think it turned out pretty good. I'd like to start making them for people, but I need a lot more practice. I might post it on the blog if Sunny decides to send it out.

So yeah, no studying Friday night. Saturday the PLAN was to get up, study, clean up (like serious cleaning), and then we had a wedding to go to. So of all those things, only one actually got done, and that was going to the wedding. When we woke up we decided to take the dogs for a walk, and then by the time we got back from walking and got showered and all that it was almost lunchtime (yeah, we slept kinda late!). So we ate some lunch and then we went to Lowe's and Academy because we need a new weedeater and Lee wanted a grill from Academy. We bought neither. When we got home it was almost time to leave for the wedding! Then after the wedding some friends called and we went to see Get Him to the Greek. I thought it was pretty funny. THEN when we got home I finally studied some.

This morning we got up and went to church. We're trying to find a church around here to join, but it's hard because it seems like we're never here on the weekends. We want to find one with a lot of people our age because we really want to get involved in Sunday School, but we just haven't found one that feels right yet. When we got back from church we took a nap (I love Sunday afternoon naps!) and then I studied again. Well, I call it studying. I had to miss a class Friday to go to an orientation for my online class. My professor puts his lectures online so I was watching that and taking notes. I need to actually STUDY them tonight.

Tonight I made Ricotta Parmesan Chicken from The Fairhope Foodie. It was really good! If you have a Publix near you (or even if you don't), you should check out her website. She makes a weekly menu based on what's on sale at Publix that week. This is the first thing I've made from her website but I'll definitely be making more! Now we're just hanging out watching the NBA Finals...Lee's always been a big Celtics fan, so I'm a Celtics fan by marriage :)

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  1. John and I are about to join a church, but it's so hard because we're also hardly home on the weekends. It will all work out though, I'm sure.

    Miss you guys!