Sunday, July 3, 2011

Three-Dollar Date Night

Lee and I had a fun, cheap date night last night! We've pretty much already spent all of "fun" money we had budgeted for July so we have to be pretty frugal this month.

We made sandwiches and headed out to the park for a little picnic. That part was kind of a fail, though, because there were SO MANY flies! I had to scarf down my sandwich so the flies wouldn't land on it! This was our company while we were eating:
After we finished eating we walked around the lake for a little while. These little ducks were just walking across the street like it was nothing! I thought it was funny!
After we left the park we went to Target and got a couple of popcorns, then came home and watched a movie that we got from Redbox. [We watched No Strings Attached...I wasn't that impressed]

So we paid about $2 for the popcorn and $1 for the movie. Plus we got a thing for a free Redbox rental next time! Pretty fun little cheap date night :)

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