Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

We didn't do too much for Valentine's Day, but it was wonderful! I've never really gotten in to Valentine's Day, so all I really wanted to do was relax, and relax I did!

We were planning on going to Ruth's Chris Friday night (we NEVER go out to eat on the actual day...I don't want to deal with the crowds), but the snow kinda messed those plans up. It wasn't snowing anymore Friday night, but roads were starting to ice over so we didn't want to get out. So we canceled our reservations and ordered a pizza and just hung out. It was really nice :)

Sunday morning we woke up and made breakfast. I discovered that our kitchen is NOT made for two people! We ate our breakfast and watched Mad Men (if you're not watching that I HIGHLY recommend it!). I made Lee a strawberry shortcake yesterday afternoon. I had never made one before but it turned out REALLY good! Then he made shrimp scampi for dinner. It was such a good day! (We did our taxes yesterday romantic, right? But at least we got it over with!)

We didn't get each other big gifts because we're getting new phones in a couple of weeks, but we got a couple of little things. I got him a bottle of Maker's Mark (he doesn't usually get that because it's a little bit more than he likes to pay for whiskey) and some candy. He got me the new Miranda Lambert CD (I LOVE it!) and this:
I thought it was pretty funny!

He got me an Edible Arrangement, too!

I love flowers, but they die, so it's hard for me to justify spending THAT much money on them. And I didn't want candy since I'm trying to lose weight so I hinted that I'd like one of these. He took the hint :) He specifically got this one because it had pineapple...I LOVE pineapple. So now we have more fruit than we know what to do with!

It was a perfect, relaxing weekend. I guess it means I'm getting old now that having absolutely no plans is exciting to me. I can live with that...


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