Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super Bowl Weekend

*I'm trying to do a better job of recapping everything that goes on in our lives and posting pictures...since that's why I started the blog and all!*

This weekend one of my oldest, best friends came to visit. I haven't seen her in sooo long! She had not even met our dogs or seen our house!
It was soo good to see her again! She came to town Friday night and we just hung out and watched The Big Bang Theory (our newest obsession!) for hours!. Saturday we went and did some shopping, but we didn't stay out for too long because it was COLD! Then Lee's best friend and his wife came Saturday night to spend the night then watch the Super Bowl with us Sunday night. When they got here we went to eat and we tried to go bowling, but they said the wait for a lane would be over an hour so we decided to come home and have game night.

We played Taboo and Apples to Apples. I love those games! Really I love most games like that. Here's a pic of the whole group:
Bruce Wayne got a little tired from all the game-playing:
Here's a pic of the girls (not sure why we're making that face...I think one of us did it on accident in an earlier picture and then we all decided to do it):
And here's Lee with his very best friend, the Silent Bob to his Jay:
Shannon left early Sunday afternoon and then we hung around some more (we were kinda lazy this weekend and it was WONDERFUL!), then a few more of our friends came over to watch the Super Bowl. I didn't take any pictures then...I'm working on trying to take more!! And if we're being honest, all the pics here are the ones Shannon posted on facebook. I did take pictures, I just haven't put them on the computer yet!

They're talking about snow for this weekend, so maybe I'll have some snow pictures to post soon!


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  1. I love Big Bang Theory! That show is hilarious.

    I hope it snows for y'all... just as long as it doesn't go any further south :)