Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I'm FINALLY posting about our Vegas trip! We were there from January 11-15. Neither of us had ever been so we were really excited. We went with Lee's cousin and her husband. We had such a good time.
This is us on Fremont Street the first night.

They had a saxophone player and his name was Safe Sax. I thought it was funny :)

We went to the Coke store and got one of those Coke from around the world things...this was the Beverly...from Italy? I think? What can I say, Lee is a lucky man!

This was Lee's favorite hotel/casino, New York, New York. Next time we go (I talk like we'll be going back again soon!) we want to try to stay there or the Luxor.

And this is where we stayed, the Paris. (And a little bit of Planet Hollywood in the background on this next one)
Everybody told us there wouldn't be enough time to do everything we wanted to do...they weren't lying! We got to go see Penn & Teller, and that was a lot of fun. Our last night there we went to see the Beatles LOVE cirque du soleil show. It was really good, but I was so tired that night and my feet were killing me because I was stupid and wore heels. I want to go again when I feel better and can really enjoy the show!

It was such a fun trip, but I was ready to come home because I missed my doggies! I can't imagine what it's going to be like when we have children!

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  1. Thanks for FINALLY posting your pictures! I have been waiting to see them! Looks like yall had fun! :)