Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 In Review

2009 was quite the year for me and Lee. Here's a little review:

*I started my new job in Memphis. Lee was really sweet and cooked dinner for me that night, but he melted the bottom of the crock pot in the process :)
*We got Bruce Wayne to keep Ellie company while we were at work

*Apartment gets broken into the day we were planning on going to Tuscaloosa for A-Day. We had already been planning on moving back to Alabama, and this pretty much sealed the deal. We turned in our notices at our jobs three days later.

*Moved back to Alabama. Lee went back to the company he worked for before we got married, and I did the same. Life's funny like that sometimes.
*Lee turned 23
*Celebrated our one-year anniversary ♥

*Went on a cruise for my dad's 60th birthday
*Bought our first house! Closed on it at the end of June

*Moved into the house!

*I turned 25...I don't want to talk about it
*Football season finally started! Roll Tide!
*Twin sister finds out she's pregnant!

*Bought a new (to me) car. Neither of us had ever had a car payment, so this was a big deal for us. The Civic was a good car, but it was time for her to be put to rest. She's still hanging out at my parents' house.

*Went to the SEC Championship Game in Atlanta and watched Bama whoop the Gators! The most fun game I've ever been to :) Alabama will be playing in the National Championship Game next month!

Clearly I've skipped a few months, because I just can't remember anything really big happening. In the fall our lives revolve mostly around football, so that's pretty much all we've done since September. I'm glad I've started the blog so I can actually remember some things!

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  1. You guys have had a big year! I'm so happy for you and Lee :D
    I'll be 25 next year, thinking about it makes me want to cry...

    Happy New Years! I hope to see y'all soon!