Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy 2010! I hope everybody had a good New Year's Eve! Mine wasn't very exciting, but I'm okay with that. We went out to eat and then to Yogurt Mountain, then we just came home and hung out. I've just been exhausted lately so it was really nice to just relax.

I hate new year's resolutions because I feel like I never really keep them, but I do have a few this year. I guess I'll just call them something else :)

The first one is to lose weight...I know, what an original idea for a resolution, right? But seriously, one of my best friends is getting married in May and I have GOT to fit in my bridesmaid dress! I'm going to start eating better, but the main thing is that I want to start exercising again. I have a gym membership and I really enjoy going, so I'm going to have to start going again. I want to run a 5k at some point this year, so I'll start aiming for that. And I'm just not willing to not go to lunch with my awesome friends from work.

Amanda's weight loss story is really inspiring, and I think I'm going to start using some of the things she used, like I think that would be pretty helpful to find good recipes to cook for me and Lee. You should really go read her story. It's something I think anybody could do. Plus, if you don't already read her blog you really should. She's awesome.

My second "goal" (is that a good word?) for this year is to find a church and start reading my Bible more. I got a new Bible for Christmas, and I ordered a devotion book from Amazon the other day, so that should help. Now that we're settled back in Alabama we really want to find a church and a Sunday School (or Bible Fellowship or whatever they call them now) class. We found a church we liked a lot when we lived in Memphis but never did start going to Sunday School because we knew we probably weren't going to live there for very long. I know we'll be able to find one here, so now we just need to start visiting.

The third one is to actually save some money this year. I like listening to Dave Ramsey, and even though I may not agree with EVERYTHING he says (ie, we have a credit card and we use it for almost everything, but we always pay it off in a month or two), I do think it's good for us to have a budget and actually go by it. I found a blog not too long ago that I really like: Budgets Are Sexy. It's really fun to read, and he has links to all kinds of personal finance websites and links to a whole bunch of different budget spreadsheets. Lee and I are going to find one we like and really stick to it. I'm going to start using more coupons too, but I'll probably post more about that later.

The last one is to do a better job of keeping the house clean. If I just spend a few minutes every day it shouldn't be too hard. It's just the two of us to clean up after...people with kids and full-time jobs can keep their houses clean, so I should be able to do it too!

So there ya go...those are my plans for 2010. Nothing really original or unique, but are anybody's ever really? Maybe in a few months I'll do an update on how I'm doing with these. I hope everybody has a wonderful 2010!


  1. Good resolutions! Happy New Year!

  2. I'm going to start keeping my house clean too! We have done good for 4 days. . . that's probably a record for us! :)

    How was Yogurt Mountain?