Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why wait until January?

I FINALLY made it back to the gym today! I haven't been since I got sick, oh, three weeks ago. Once I get out of the routine of going it is so hard to go back! But now that I did I think I'm good to go! Plus I'm only working one day next week, so that will leave me a lot of extra time to work out.

I've decided that I'm not going to wait until January to try to get back in shape. Since Lee and I got married a year and a half ago I've gained about 15 pounds. And when you're short like me it really shows! So I've decided that now's the time to start trying to lose all that weight. I'm not going to go on a major diet or anything, I just need to cut back and get back in the gym. Of course, it didn't help that I made these last night:

OMG...they were SOOO good! Somehow I had never heard of Picky Palate until yesterday, but oh man am I glad I found it! (I'm not good enough to take pictures of my own food yet, so this is from her I got in a fight with the chocolate so I couldn't drizzle any on top like she did!) These are the Crunchy Caramel Reese's Cookie Bars. They were delicious! I always have really good intentions of doing something sweet for Lee when he's not here but it seems like most of the time something keeps me from doing it. Last night he was playing poker so I decided I was going to make him these. I think he liked them :) I'm planning on making them again this weekend when I go home for Christmas. Maybe I'll get Sunny to help me :)

Note: I DID make Lee take most of these to work with him today so I wouldn't have too many at the house to tempt me!


  1. Those look so tasty! Lee is lucky to have such a sweet wife!

    Great job on working out! I started back in the gym on Monday and I've been for the past three days. It might not sound like much, but it's a start! I HAVE to get my butt in shape, I have gained so much weight it's making me sad. Hopefully that is about to change!

  2. The picture is quite tempting...yummy...yummyy...



  3. I am doing the same thing as far as working out. Why wait till January?!