Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I'm Loving

I'm linking up with Jamie today for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that Lee and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary yesterday!
{You can't really see in this pic, but his Groom's Cake was a Celtics cake,
and they ended up winning the championship that year!
I remember thinking that May 17, 2008 would NEVER get here, now it's already been 3 years! We went to the beach last week and went out to celebrate our anniversary while we were there, so last night we had dinner at home. Lee cooked steak and I made sweet potatoes and macaroni and cheese. He got me a fondue pot and we had strawberries and cheesecake with chocolate fondue for dessert! But we made WAY too much fondue for two people and ended up throwing most of it away :(

I'm loving that I FINALLY got to read The Help while we were at the beach!
I had been wanting to read this book for so long, but I was so busy this semester I didn't get to read anything besides books for class. I said as soon as the semester was over I was going to get this book and that's exactly what I did. It DID NOT disappoint! I couldn't put it down! The movie is coming out in August I think and I can't wait!

I'm loving that Lee got a new job! He starts the day after Memorial Day and we are so excited. His new job is closer to the house [but with traffic it might take him the same amount of time to get there] and it's more of what he went to school to do. I'm so happy for him! I got a job for the summer too! I'm going to be working at the pool in our neighborhood making sure people have paid their HOA fees when they come in and keeping the pool clean and whatnot. I have orientation today and I'll get my schedule then!

I'm loving that the group Alabama is putting on Bama Rising in Birmingham next month!
There are going to be a ton of awesome people performing and the money will go toward tornado relief. Hopefully I won't have to work that night...if I do I'm gonna beg somebody to switch shifts with me. I REALLY want to go!!

I hope everybody has a good Wednesday!


  1. Happy Anniversary! :) And I saw the preview last night for The Help and now I'm wanting to read the book before it comes out, it looks like it'll be really good.

    Happy Wednesday!