Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I'm Loving 5.25.11

Happy Wednesday! I'm linking up with Jamie again this week for What I'm Loving Wednesday!
I'm loving The Hunger Games books. Thanks to Lauren, I'm hooked on them now! I finished Catching Fire last night and I'm planning on starting Mockingjay today. They're a lot different from what I normally read, but I've been trying to branch out, and these are so good!

I'm loving I Heart Publix and Southern Savers. I think I've mentioned them before, but they are helping me save so much money at the grocery store! Last week I spent $19 for about $60 worth of groceries. Definitely not extreme couponing, but it's helping a lot!

I'm loving that I get to see my whole side of the family this weekend for my dad's birthday! Lee and I only get to stay for one night since I start my new job over the weekend, but I'm glad we get to see everybody even for a little while. My nieces and nephews are all just growing up so fast! I'm REALLY going to try to get some pictures!

I'm loving Pinterest. I finally got an invite a few days ago, and I'm loving it more every day. There's so much to look at and so many ideas! I spent most of my time yesterday looking at different recipes and here are a couple I think I want to make:
{Pork Loin}

{Cookie Dough Cheesecake Bars}

Do you have a Pinterest account? I'll be happy to send an invite if you want/need one!


  1. cookie dough cheesecake bars? i may be in love :)

  2. I can't believe you're saving so much through couponing! That's so amazing!!

  3. I loved the Hunger Game books too!!!

    You are loving some great things today! Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  4. I loved the Hunger Game books too, more than I thought I would. The first two were my favorite.

    I was recently told about a book called Divergent that's sort of the same thing (post apocalyptic book that is) so I am planning on reading that.

    Happy Wednesday! :)