Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'm Pitiful

I've been sick for going on two weeks now. It started last Tuesday afternoon, and every time I've thought I was getting a little better I ended up getting worse. I can think of at least 3 nights in the past two weeks that I've gone to bed around 8:00. I got home from class Friday morning around 10:30 and got back in the bed and stayed there all day. I finally moved to the chair in the living room around 4:00. It's just really gotten a hold of me this time! Guess that's what I get for taking generic vitamins :(

I've felt a little better for the past couple of days, and I feel pretty much better today except I have NO voice. I sound pretty pitiful, but I feel a lot better. Yesterday we went to the store and got me some Mucinex. That's the stuff right there! I had never used it before but it has made a HUGE difference. We got that and some Hall's vitamin C drops. I've had so much orange juice lately I can't stand it anymore so hopefully the drops will help.

I think poor Lee has it worse than I do, though. He's not sick, but I've been pretty much out of commission, so he's done EVERYTHING around the house for the past week and a half. He's always helpful around the house, but he's done all the dishes and laundry, kept everything clean, taken care of me, AND done all his homework for school. I don't think he's had any time to just relax and enjoy himself, but he hasn't complained once. Gosh I love that man ♥
This is an old picture I found of us from May 2007...we had just gotten engaged about a month before :)

We're about to take advantage of the nice weather we've having today [and the fact that I'm feeling a little better right now!] and take the dogs for a walk, then it's back to do more homework!

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  1. Feel better!! And once you do give that cousin of mine a big ole hug and kiss for being such a great hubby!! Miss you guys :)