Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ski Trip

A few days after Christmas we headed to West Virginia to go skiing. This year I actually got off the bunny slope and skied on "real" trails! I was terrified the first day but I pretty much got over it by the second day. By the last day I had made two major accomplishments: I fell down and got up all by myself, and I learned to buckle my boots all by myself! I know that's really not very impressive, but it was a big deal for me :)

Once again, I failed to take any pictures on my camera. Here's how the conversation between me and Lee went pretty much every day we went out skiing:
Lee: We forgot to get the camera
Me: That's okay, we'll get some pictures tomorrow.
Lee: I can go get it now if you want me to.
Me: No, that's okay. We'll just HAVE to remember tomorrow.

And yeah, we never remembered. Lee's brother did take a picture of us on his phone the last day and sent to me:
Pretty much everything I have on in this picture I got for Christmas this year :) I figured if I'm not a good skier I at least wanted some cute ski clothes to wear!

We spent our New Year's Eve in West Viriginia...I was asleep by 11:00...I just couldn't take it anymore! We woke up the next morning and skied for a few hours, then we came back in to watch the Tide whoop Michigan State in the Capital One Bowl.
The guy bringing down the quarterback in that picture is Courtney Upshaw. He's from my hometown :) He's making us all so proud!

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