Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010

Just like it does every year, Christmas came and went with a quickness!

My parents came up on the 23rd and spent the night with us. Lee and I went to Firebirds that night before they got here to celebrate winning first and second place in his fantasy football league, and we've had steak on Christmas Eve the past couple of years so that's kind-of become a tradition for us. We also opened our presents from each other that night.

On Christmas Eve we just hung around with my parents that morning, then Sunny, Joey and Riley came over that afternoon. When they got here Mama and Daddy gave Riley his Christmas present, a Radio Flyer wagon, and then went for a walk to let him ride it and enjoy the nice weather [it's a good thing we did it then, because it SNOWED on Christmas Day so they didn't get to take him out in it then!]

After the walk we came back in and opened presents from each other. Riley helped :)

Ellie and Bruce Wayne were clearly excited about all the presents ;)
After that we visited a little bit more and then SANTA came through the neighborhood! I tried to get a picture but my camera wasn't fast enough. So here's a picture of me and Lee in front of the tree instead:

My parents stayed with Sunny on Christmas Eve so they could be there for Riley's first Christmas morning. We got up early Christmas morning and went by there to say hey to everybody, then we headed to Lee's grandmother's house for Christmas with his mom's side of the family.

It was cold and rainy when we left the house, and by the time we got to her house [about an hour later] the rain had turned to snow!! I've never had a White Christmas in my life, and probably never will again, so it was pretty exciting! This picture is from when we got to his grandmother's, probably around 9:30 that morning:
It snowed pretty much all day, and the yard was completely covered in snow by the time we left, but of course I didn't think to take any more pictures.

That night we went to his dad's house and had dinner with him, then later that night we met up with Lee's old roommate. I had not seen him since our wedding in May of 2008, so I was REALLY excited to see him! [But once again, I forgot to take pictures] He lives in Cincinnati now, so he was pretty amused at all of our reactions to the snow :)

The next morning we had brunch at Lee's dad's house and did presents over there. Brunch with them the day after Christmas has kind-of turned into a tradition, and it's really fun. His stepmom makes a lot of good food [and mimosas!] and it's just fun to hang out with each other. We left pretty early that day because it was still snowing and down here in Alabama we're not really equipped to deal with snow, so we didn't know what the roads would be like later.

That pretty much wrapped up Christmas 2010 for us :)


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