Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I am HURTING today. Lee and I are on Day 3 of P90X, and I am some kinda sore! We started the P90X on Monday night, then we got up early yesterday morning and did Day 2, and we were SUPPOSED to get up before work and school this morning for Day 3, but when my alarm went off I could BARELY move. I'm not hurting as bad right now as I was last night though. Last night I didn't want to move. I parked myself on the couch and read a book and tried to move as little as possible. It was hard to not move, though, when you have two spoiled dogs who have to be on the couch with you all the time, but jump down any time they hear ANY noise, then want to be picked back up. (They CAN jump onto the couch, they just don't know it...that's probably for the best so I can at least kind of control when they're up there and when they're not)

So anyway, my arms, back, and now legs are killing me AND it's the first day back at school for the fall, so I'm walking around campus with a backpack (which obviously is not good when your back least I don't have any books to carry around yet!). I told Lee that if we are going to deal with being this sore, we HAVE to finish this program, and not quit a month into it. I'm not exactly following the meal plan, but I do feel like if we stick with this we'll get some really good results.

To make myself just a little more pitiful, I had to go get a shot and a TB test today :( I don't do well with needles at all, so I was really dreading it, but ready to get it over with. This was my third attempt to get all this done...third time's a charm :) The first time I went to health center on campus the line was almost out the door, so I left, thinking I could just get it done at the walk-in clinic close to my house. So I went there yesterday to find out that they could do the TB test but not the other shot I needed. So this morning after my first class I went back to the health center. I tried to make an appointment for this morning so I hopefully wouldn't have to wait so long, but they said that because they had not treated me there before that I could only come in as a walk-in. That just didn't make any sense to me, but whatever. The line wasn't nearly as long today, and I was only in there for about half an hour. And it didn't hurt too bad. I've had the TB test before so I knew it wouldn't be bad, but I wasn't sure about the meningitis, so I was a little worried. I told the nurse about my issues with needles and she did a good job distracting me so I wouldn't get all nervous and forget to breathe or anything (yes, that has happened to me before!). And now I've got an awesome band-aid with the Tasmanian Devil on it where I got my shot :)

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  1. Great job with P90X! I've heard that it is killer, but it works! I can't wait to hear how it goes. Good luck with starting your fall semester :)