Monday, January 4, 2010

So Far, So Good

I'm happy to report that I've worked out every day this year! All four days of it :) Lee is having to work late every day this week (except Thursday...we won't stand for that...we have football to watch) so I'm planning on working out while he's not here. And this year, instead of eating ice cream while I watch The Biggest Loser, I'm going to WORK OUT while I watch! A couple of years ago I actually did watch The Biggest Loser while I ran on the treadmill at the was kinda like, "If they can do it, so can I"...but then we got married and I got lazy. We got a really good deal on a stationary bike when we moved into the house, and I get sick of it sometimes, but it is nice to be able to work out while I watch TV. So tonight I rode the bike while I watched The Bachelor, and tomorrow I'll be riding while I watch The Biggest Loser :)

Another thing I've done is start using SparkPeople again. Right now I'm just tracking my exercise to make sure I'm reaching my goal every week, but you can track what you eat to make sure you stay in your calorie range every day, and all kinds of other stuff. They have tons of articles and tips to help keep you motivated an on track. AND it's all free!

So that's my quick update for tonight! How are yall doing?

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  1. Sounds like your year is off to a great start!