Monday, November 23, 2009

Our Babies

About a week and half before we got married Lee told me he wanted to go ahead and tell me what he was getting me for a wedding present. It was my last day at MailSouth and Lee was coming for our shower/goodbye party. He came into work and pulled up his email on my computer and showed me a picture of what he was getting me...
That's our baby girl Ellie. We got her at the end of May 2008. It took me about eight months to find a job after we moved to Memphis, and we didn't know very many people, so for those eight months while Lee was at work it was just me and Ellie. We love her so much! We worked really hard to get her to sleep in her crate at night. It took a lot of sleepless nights, but she finally got used to it. So what did we do? We decided that after all that, we enjoyed having her sleep in the bed with us!

Here's a picture of her as a ladybug for Halloween 2008:

And one of me and my baby at Christmas last year:
I finally got a job in January of '09, and we decided we'd hate for Ellie to be alone all day after having me at home every day, so we decided to get her a friend. About the same time Lee heard from the breeder we got Ellie from letting us know that they had a little boy if we were interested. (Lee had mentioned to her that we wanted to get a boy) So of course we jumped on that! Here's a family photo (ha!) of our new addition Bruce Wayne (I let Lee name him!)
Ellie didn't know what to think about BDub at first, and she hid from him most of the night:
I took this picture of him to show how small he was. That's a size 7 shoe he's chewing on (we really should've put a stop to that earlier):
After about a day, Ellie learned to love her brother and now they're the best of friends :) They're very protective and they *THINK* they're big dogs! They're really spoiled, and that's all our fault, but they're just so stinkin' cute it's hard to get mad at them! This picture is from the day we moved into our house in July.
They think any time there's a blanket or pillow on the floor it's for them! Ellie even sits on the decorative pillows on the couch!

We've finally gotten them sleeping in their crate at night. I'm not gonna lie though, if we go somewhere after work or are gone a good part of the night they usually sleep in the bed with us. We just hate for them to stay there all day and all night!

I don't sign their names on Christmas cards or anything like that (not that I judge the people who do, I understand, they're family too!) but these are definitely our babies. Ellie was with me through some pretty hard times in Memphis. And when I'm sick, she won't leave my side. It's so sweet. And Bruce Wayne is all boy! He's so playful and just has the best little personality. I never thought I'd be one of "those" people about my dogs, and I certainly never thought Lee would become one too, but they have just completely stolen our hearts!

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