Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lee makes me laugh

Lee has always been a Celtics fan, so that makes me a Celtics fan by marriage. 

[Lee's groom's cake was a Celtics cake AND we watched the Celtics on our honeymoon]

I enjoy the Celtics, but it's not like my Alabama football, so I don't really watch them much. I mean, I hope they always win, but I don't watch every game like I do with my football. If  I haven't watched the Celtics, I certainly haven't watched any other team, so I really have no idea about injuries from other teams.

So anyway, we were watching Game 1 of the Celtics/Heat last week and I saw that Chris Bosh wasn't dressed out. That led to this little conversation between me and Lee:

Me: What's wrong with him?
Lee: Who?
Me: Chris Bosh.
Lee: That's just the way he looks.
Me: No, why is he not playing?!
Lee: Oh, he's hurt.
Me: I gathered that!

Apparently Lee thinks Chris Bosh is a funny-looking dude!

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