Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's me again!

Man, I'm a terrible blogger. I swear I'm gonna get better.

Since it's been about three months since my last blog, here's a little update on life:
I graduated! Now I'm on the job's early in the process, so I'm still feeling pretty optimistic at this point.

Lee is taking FOUR classes this summer on top of his work so he can graduate in August instead of December. He'll finish his first class at the end of this month, he'll have a class on campus Monday-Thursday in June, another class Monday-Thursday in July, and an online class from June-July. The class he's taking right now isn't too bad, so hopefully the other classes won't be too bad either.

I'll be working at the pool again this summer, so that will give us a little extra money until I [hopefully] start teaching in the fall. That'll also mean that I have time to get pretty much everything done around the house to relieve some of Lee's stress when he gets home from class every night.

I got my wisdom teeth out Monday, and I look kinda like this guy:
My jaws are so swollen! Lee can't stop laughing at me...I do look pretty funny. I haven't been in too much pain though, mainly just uncomfortable. If I move around a lot I start to hurt a little, so I've pretty much just been resting all week.

I have lots of craft projects I want to try over the summer, and lots of books I want to read, so I'll probably be posting about all that soon.

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