Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm obsessed

with viggle. 

I feel like I'm late getting into this, but it's an iphone/ipad app that gives you points for watching TV. You just check in to whatever show you're watching and you get a point for every minute you watch TV. Once you get a certain number of points you can get awesome gift cards. I've almost got enough points for a sephora gift card and I've only had the app for a week! 

You can get bonus points for checking in to some shows, too. Last week I got 1,500 points for checking into Ellen! You have to stay checked in for at least ten minutes to get the bonus points, though. But once you do that you'll get the bonus points plus points for the minutes you're checked in. So, if you checked in to Ellen that day for the 1,500 points and stayed checked in for ten minutes, you would get 1,510 points! I love that show so I stayed checked in the whole time and got 1,560 points :) 

At night there are several shows that offer bonus points. You just click on "What's On" and it shows you what shows have bonus points, so you can just check in to those for ten minutes and move on to the next one!

I LOVE this app! Any other apps I should know about for making money?

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  1. love everything! would you enjoy following each other? kisses