Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I survived the semester!

Last week was pretty crazy, but I survived. I had finals every day except Wednesday. The tests I was really concerned about were Tuesday and Thursday, so at least they were spaced out and I was able to study all day Wednesday for my Thursday test.

My Thursday test was at 11:30 that morning, so I woke up pretty early to get ready then study until it was time to leave for my test. I got about halfway to Tuscaloosa before I realized I was still wearing my slippers! Thank goodness I called my sister-in-law and her roommate let me borrow some shoes! She's so sweet...they were leaving the apartment before I got there but she left me four pairs of shoes to choose from :) So anyway, I was clearly not in a mental state to be taking a test! But I actually think I did better on that test than I did on any other test in that class, so it worked out.

I had another test at 11:30 Friday, then I drove home right after I finished and we headed down to Panama City for Lauren's rehearsal dinner. Lee wanted to be sure we got there in time for cocktail hour, and that we did. I needed a cocktail [or several] after all my finals!

Me and Lauren at her rehearsal dinner:
We had a lot of fun at the wedding and reception, and then we got up Sunday and visited with everybody for a while and then headed home. It was such a good weekend.

For the past two days I've just been relaxing a little bit and trying to get this house back in order...I let it get to be a complete mess during finals! I'm gonna try to get my Christmas shopping done in the next few days and finally wrap some presents. I haven't wrapped the first one yet, I need to get on that!

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