Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ready for Fall

Where is the fall weather? I mean, school's back in and it's football season again, so where's the cooler weather??

I am usually a summer girl. I love the longer days, the beach, the pool and all the other stuff that goes along with it. USUALLY. It seems like the older I get, though, the more I love fall. Not hot anymore, but not cold yet [because I definitely HATE cold weather]. So I'm definitely looking forward to fall...even though we only get about two weeks of it here! [I'm exaggerating but fall really doesn't last very long]

We had some fall-ish weather over Labor Day weekend that really got me ready for it! Now it's back in the 90s every day :( So I've decided this weekend I'm going to put up my fall decorations to kinda try to trick myself into thinking it's cooling off!

We don't have a whole lot of fall decorations because I'd rather spend the money on Christmas decorations, but I try to get a couple of things every year. Yesterday I got some fall flowers to put in the living room to replace the orchids [haven't decided if I like them or not yet] and some hand towels for the kitchen. I can't even remember what all we have already.

This afternoon I found this and thought it was a really cute idea:
I'm not crafty at all, no matter how hard I try, but I think I could do this. AND it's pretty cost-effective! I think I'll take a shot at it this weekend. I'll report back on how it turns out :)

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