Sunday, September 5, 2010

Birthday Weekend :)

My birthday was Thursday. My sister-in-law makes the best cookie cakes ever, and she made me that one. She's the best.

The kind people at ESPN gave me college football for my birthday! I had been not very patiently waiting for football season to come back since January 7, so the start of college football was just about the best present I could have gotten :)

The only thing that wasn't so great about football season starting on my birthday was the fact that I had class until 8:00 Thursday night, and the South Carolina/Southern Miss game started at 6:30. So I missed most of that game :(

BUT I have an awesome husband who made it up to me! I got home, and he had pizza and beer waiting for me, and these:
He went to the farmers market Monday and got the peanuts, and then Monday night I started talking about wanting boiled peanuts. He said he thought the farmers market was only open on the weekend, but that he would get some for me the next time we were in Tuscaloosa on the weekend for a game. I told him that was fine and well, but that meant I couldn't have them during the game Saturday (and then I pouted for a little while). I'm pretty sure his response was something like "That's too bad, I'm sorry." Then he changed the subject. When I got home Thursday night saw the crock pot out I still had no idea! I thought he had made me cheese dip. I was so excited when I saw that they were boiled peanuts! He had never made them before, but they turned out really good!

This was also waiting for me:
That's the shirt that he got for me to wear to go with my other present: tickets to the Texans/Titans game in December! I'm so excited! I've liked the Texans since they drafted Demeco Ryans in 2006, and now they have two other former Alabama players, so I for sure love them! And we're pretty close to Nashville, so I'd always kinda liked the Titans too. I can't wait for the game! (And yes, I realize that I got a short sleeve t-shirt to wear to a football game in December. We didn't really think that one through. Guess I'll just have to layer)

And Lee had flowers sent to me Friday afternoon.
I think they're pretty, even though they aren't what he ordered. He was hoping to surprise me with them Friday afternoon, but the florist called me Wednesday afternoon to set up a delivery for Friday. I've never had a florist do that before. I doubt he'll be ordering from them again. But to me, the thought he put into it was way more important than what they looked like.

Friday night we went to dinner at The Melting Pot. It was so good! We went there for my birthday last year and decided to go for my birthday again this year. Here's a picture of us after dinner:
When we got back from dinner my parents got into town and they stayed with us until today. Yesterday we watched football all day while we counted down to kickoff of Alabama football. My sister, brother-in-law and nephew came, and Lee's mom and stepdad came. We cooked out and ate a ton of food and just had a good time. We had a cake from Edgar's that was decorated for football.

I had kinda been dreading my birthday this year, but thanks to my awesome husband and family (and nice facebook messages helped too!!), it turned out to be really good. Presents and stuff are nice, but to me there is really nothing better than spending my birthday kicking off football season with the people I love :)

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  1. Happy happy birthday Carly! Your dress is so cute! And the Melting Pot is fabulous, I love it! Looks like you had a fabulous birthday :)