Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weekend Fun

This weekend my childhood bff came to visit! She lives in Eufaula right now so we don't get to see each other as much as we'd like, but we always pick right back up without missing a beat :) She brought her boyfriend with her, and his daughter because we had not met them yet.

We had so much fun! They got into town Saturday afternoon and we went over to Sunny's house for a shrimp boil. This was the weekend I tried to get better about taking pictures!
The bff and me

The twin sister and me

The other bff and me

I was trying to give him a kiss and he laughed! Not the reaction I was going for! :)

Sunday we got up and played some guitar hero, then we went to Full Moon (home of the biggest bbq potato I've ever had!) for some lunch then did a little bit of shopping then to Yogurt Mountain! They weren't allowed to leave Birmingham until we went to Yogurt Mountain! Shannon has been before, but her boyfriend and daughter had not, so they had to experience it...plus, I'll take any excuse to go there :)

I clearly blew my diet this weekend, but it's okay. We had such a good time :)


  1. What a fun weekend! You definitely had good cause to cheat a little on your diet, I wouldn't worry about it!

  2. You didn't post the best picture of the night! Sad face.