Monday, November 1, 2010

I Have a Problem

I have a problem. I CANNOT stop buying Bath and Body Works 3-wick candles. It's a sickness. They just put them on such good sales and I just can't help myself!

Right now I'm burning this one in the kitchen:

And this one in the living room:
I have Kitchen Spice and Pumpkin Patch waiting their turns. I know it's past Halloween now but I think the pumpkin can last me until Thanksgiving :)

This morning I got an email from Bath and Body Works that their candles were on sale for 2 for $30, [which is obviously not as good as when they're on sale for 2 for $20, but I don't know when that sale is gonna come around again], and there was a $10 off $30 coupon in the email, AND I had gotten a coupon in the mail for a free signature item with any purchase. So I obviously went and got more candles. Today I got these:
I got this one because Lee told me he liked it when I dragged him in the store this weekend :)

And I got this one just because it smells Christmas-y and I liked it :)

When I checked out they gave me another $10 off $30, and a coupon book, so of course I'll be going back before too long. They definitely know what they're doing! But at least my house smells good!


  1. OOooooOOOOooo

    those look so pretty, and probably smell divine!

  2. I always wanted to try these candles I guess your saying I SHOULD!!